«the word ”experimental” is apt, providing it is understood not as descriptive of an act to be later judged in terms of success and failure, but simply as of an act the outcome of which is unknown»

Jonh Cage "Silence"

My name is Javier Aldarias. I was born in Linares (Jaen, Spain) in 1977. I studied Architecture (ETSAS, University of Architecture of Seville, Spain), Photography, Design and Animation (University of Málaga and International University of Andalucía, Spain) between 1995 and 2005.

Since 2001, I have worked as a freelance in collaboration with other professionals and creators. Currently, my work focuses on artistic production and graphic design. I develop projects related to Urbanism and the City, Art Installations, Experimental Architecture, Exhibitions and Publishing Projects, working in areas such as Data Visualization, Computer Graphics applied to the Territory, Landscape Photography, User Interfaces, Audiovisual Productions, etc. At the same time, I enjoy doing my own Digital Art Creations and studying Fonts and Tipography. 

I have participated as a guest teacher with the University of Architecture of Seville for the course “Wooden Structures and Digital Fab-Labbing”, and as a lecturer on the topics “Design & City” and “Applied Creativity”. I belong to one research group settled on the same University, called Composite hum711.

I am co-founder of the group culturadigital. cc, a research and action laboratory interested in relations between Society and Environment through Technology. I’ve also actively collaborated with the artists collective “Regeneración Perdida”, a public platform for urban and social regeneration of my hometown, Linares. I cooperate with Conscious City, an art project about Environmental Intelligence. As an artist, I have participated in several projects of the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art, such as “Intrusions: Art, Architecture and Urbanism in the future cities” and “Urban Attributes” (Seville, Spain). Furthermore, , is association with Extramuros and The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal). I have attended workshops such as “Signs about Signs”, focused on Urban Art (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain), “The Habitat of the Future: Animated Objects and Environmental Intelligence” (University of Málaga, Spain), and “Urban Lighthouses” (Universidade Lusiada, Lisboa, Portugal), in “Luzboa”, an International Biennale Art about lighting. The Creative Urban Actions in Polígono Sur (Seville, Spain), were selected by the Arquía Foundation as one of the best architectural performances in Spain in 2012. The project “House of No” (Linares, Spain) has been referenced in the Guide of Artistic Heritage of the city and the Guide of Contemporary Architecture of Andalusia (Neutra Magazine, College of Architects of Seville).